For Event Organizers


Use our contact page to request further information or to request a phone consultation.  This should be a fun, easy, and meaningful project for your organization, and we are here to help!


  1. Identify a meeting, event, or location to host Positive Postcards.  At the bottom of this page are suggestions for combining this with other activities.
    1. Looking for a special date to plan a project around? Check out the Humanist Calendar 
  2. Identify the audience for your project, identify a charitable organization or method of distribution.
    1. Make sure if you choose a charity that you contact them in advance of planning the project to make sure they are able to accept and distribute the cards.
  3. Set a goal – how many cards do you want to make?
  4. Get your cards!
    1. Order your customized postcards (allow three weeks for printing and shipping, or one week if you are requesting the free PDF)
    2. You can design your own, or even use blank greeting cards.
      1. Include your organization name and return address on them so that you are identified.
    3. Do not use envelopes.  Agencies need to screen for inappropriate messages and do not have time to open envelopes.
  5. Plan your event layout (what you will need to set up)
    1. Postcard rack
    2. Signs
    3. Directions for participants
    4. Sample messages (this is ESSENTIAL) – consider your audience and choose samples from our messages page.  You can print them individually and scatter them on the table, make a poster or standee with suggestions, or write them on a paper table cloth where members can add suggestions.
      1. Consider members adding suggestions on individual slips that can be removed from the table if they are not appropriate.
    5. Pens
    6. a way for people writing messages to share their ideas with other members, such as a paper table cloth and markers.
    7. Will you have a give-away for your volunteers?
  6. Screen card messages.  Remove cards that do not comply with the inclusive message guidelines – remember the purpose for this project, and don’t let someone use the recipients misfortune as a means to market their faith.  Keep only cards that uplift everyone.
  7. Deliver your cards to the recipients / agency.
  8. Report your success!!  Make sure to take a photo at the delivery point if that is allowed, get a quote from the organization or from individuals receiving the cards, and share that with your organization.  It is important to share with our members the impact of the projects that we do, including how many people were impacted and, if possible, how the cards made a difference.
    1. Please send links to your photos, articles, blog posts, or just a summary of your success to  We would love to share your success as well!
    2. Please also send us suggestions for messages that your participants used so that we can add them to the example repository!

SUPPLIES – links for specialty items

  • Card Racks – search for “card display rack” on Displays2Go, Supply Warehouse, Amazon, and other retailers.
    • Displays2Go also has great “ballot boxes” perfect for card collections!
  • Thank-you items for volunteers
    • Look on Oriental Trading for volunteer stickers and pins
    • Print “Thank you volunteer” labels to fit chocolate bars or other treats.  For example, Avery 5260 labels fit Hershey’s Nuggets perfectly!
    • View other ideas at Signup Genius  or baudville

PRINTABLES for your display area


Use Charity Navigator or GuideStar to locate agencies in your area, or contact your local United Way for assistance.  You can also contact us and we will be glad to help you identify agencies in your local area or that align with your passion.

  • Homeless shelters
  • Domestic violence shelters
  • Children’s hospitals
  • Veteran’s hospitals
  • LGBTQ youth shelters and programs
  • Ronald McDonald Houses
  • Hospice care
  • Assisted Living Facilities
  • Youth programs
  • Service members overseas
  • Prisons

Don’t forget the staff!  You could do a project to thank the staff of a facility for the (often thankless) work they do impacting individuals our communities.  for example, you could do a project writing cards to those who work at your local American Red Cross, pet rescue, homeless shelter, etc.

ACTIVITY IDEAS – combining P3 with additional service

  • Plan your event for a special day, like Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service, Volunteer Day, World Humanist Day, or other celebration.  Check out our Humanist Celebrations Calendar for ideas.
  • Do a packing project (supply bags for the homeless, food packs through a food bank, etc).  Have members write Positive Postcards and place on in each pack.
  • Plan a group dinner as a social event at a place with a partial proceeds for an organization and fill out cards at the dinner for that organization.
    • Go to a BJ’s Brewhouse for dinner where members can “Buy a Hero a Beer” and fill out cards for local firefighters.
  • Plan a service project at a shelter.  Before the event, do a P3 project to write cards and bring the cards to the project.  This allows members unable to attend the second event to touch the lives of those at the shelter and increases your impact and connection to the agency.
  • If you are in a cold area you could combine this with a Warmies Project collection.  The BE. Orlando Warmies Project collects hand-made cozy-warmies (scarves, gloves, sweaters, blankets, etc.) and distributes them in the winter.  Warmies always include a message from the person who made the item. You could collect items and do a separate or concurrent P3 project and include those cards.