Cards for Stoneman Douglas

March 15, 2018

The shooting at Stoneman Douglas on February 14th directly impacted many students, faculty, and staff at the University of Central Florida and other members of our local community.

One UCF student’s siblings were in the building when the shooting occurred.  She and her siblings lost close friends and teachers.  The family pulled closer together, and the siblings joined in the Stoneman Douglas student movement to make a real difference in our culture. The UCF student responded personally by adopting a classroom in the adjoining middle school, making care packages for each student. On the week of the Secular Advocacy Dinner at UCF, she was in D.C. talking to lawmakers, and her sister has been part of organizing protest activities.

We asked if positive postcards would be meaningful, and she said that she would deliver them herself.

The Secular Advocacy Dinner at UCF brought together secular and faith leaders and community members to learn about the institutional work at the university for inclusion of secular identities.  UCF students and staff, as well as national leaders, spoke about accomplishments, visions, and experiences.

Attendees were invited to visit BE. Orlando’s positive postcard project table and share a message of compassion, encouragement, and hope.  When told that our student friend was in D.C., and about her efforts to comfort and uplift her local community, the support and admiration poured out from the audience.  Below are some of the cards that were written by attendees.



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